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Hi guys, today we are going to celebrate that we got our SSL Certificate by doing this list of: Top ten best weapons in N*** Zombies!

10. M1A1 Karabiner: With 15 bullets in its mag this gun is better than its counterpart the M1 Garand. Also, it does more damage and its Pack a punched version does lots of damage and instead of semi-auto, It turns to full auto which is cool. The only thing that holds this weapon back is the AMMO as it only has 150 and 15 (15 in the mag) with the upgraded version you don’t have enough ammo to sustain yourself.

9. Thompson: Its high fire rate is the only thing that makes it better than the MP 40 as they have the same stats: 100 dmg 200 when pack a punched 4x headshot multiplier and 5x when upgraded. But the only thing that holds the MP 40 back and makes the Thompson better is the Thompson’s high fire rate.

8. Type 100: The type 100 and the Thompson in the paper are the same weapons but what makes the type 100 better is that pack a punch it has 50 ammo in the mag and the Thompson 40 and those 10 bullets make a big difference.

7. STG 44: Did you know that the STG 44 is a rifle!? It’s weird because it is more similar to the Thompson that to the M1A1 Karabiner. Its better than all these weapons as it has a bigger mag, better range, less recoil, more ammo and it does more damage.

6. The upgraded version of the M1A1 Colt: This gun is so high as instead of shooting bullets this gun shoots ROCKETS! Yes… rockets… If it had more ammo it would be higher but still is a very good weapon.

5. Browning M1919: The Browning has 500 ammo (A lot) and very high damage the only thing that holds it back is the fire rate. The Browning shots 625 rounds per minute while the MG 42 937 per minute. The Browning reload time is 6 seconds while the MG 42 has a reload time of 4 seconds.

4.PPSh-41: It has the ammo of an LMG mobility of an SMG and it shoots much faster than the Thompson. The only thing is that it has less headshot multiplier but it doesn’t matter

3. The magnum: (This is only in the map Natch der untoten) This weapons is a really good weapon. Its like having insta kill always active as it kills with one shot.

2. The raygun: The raygun is one of the most iconic guns in COD zombies with very high damage, Lots of ammo and a fast reload time this is one of the best weapons.

  1. At number one we have… The wonder wolf! It does infinite damage… That is all I have to say… Yes..

Hope you enjoyed this post remember to write in the comments if you have any other good weapon!

We are the creator :D!
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