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Hi, guys what’s up! Just saying we are still temporarily out of service. Just leaving a post so you guys can wait! This post is about call of duty black ops cold war. Come on! The trailer is just EPIC and if you don’t believe me you can see it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! So this game is supposed to be one of the best CoD games ever. So let’s see. I Don’t really think it’s going to succeed like Black ops 1,2 and 3 but I still believe is going to be just AWESOME! Dude just watch the trailer and you will be left bowled over! So let’s start our evaluation.

So just saying, guys. We all the CoD and gamer community, we think that this game is going to be awesome. But guys, this is just blind hype. Maybe this game is going to be a huge failure or the best game ever. just saying 🙂

Something that I personally don’t like is that in multiplayer. Your kill streak DON’T RESET! which totally changes the system that we were used to since CoD 4. It’s up to you to say f you like it or not. Another thing that I don’t like is that you need to take more shots to die. Which is not convenient if you are attacking someone.

So, something I really liked is that the GUNSMITH is back! The gunsmith just helps a lot guys. I just love it. You can personalize your weapòn according to your strategy. Another thing I liked it’s the equipment menu where you equip your loadout. It just looks really cool. Just saying something. I BELIEVE that CoD warzone will have a strong connection in the storyline of cold war.

Call of Duty: ¿Qué pasará con Warzone cuando salga Call of Duty: Black Ops  Cold War? |

Another thing is that it dosen’t have slide cancel penalty but they say: “Remember this is just the alpha version. We are working on a proper slide cancel penalty”

So guys this was a short article. Hope you enjoyed bye! Remember to leave donations and a comment! Bye! Hope you have a great day!

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 by Gamer Dimensions in September 21, 2020

Hi, guys hope you like the evaluation! Have a grat day!

 by Snow_Flare577 in September 22, 2020

I missed your articles guys!

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