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Hi every one! Today we gonna write about: 6 COD Warzone tips! Just a quick news: From today on we are going to post articles every 5 days. So lets start!

Tip 1. Don’t give up: In COD Warzone the main goal of a Battle royale is the same as in other video games but with an insane difficulty for common people. Also if you are down the game will let you stay or go and join another match. Most people join other matches but something you need to know is that it is better to wait you are dead and leave than being down, Alive, and give up.

Tip 2. Communicate with your teammates: If you play Fortnite you may know that pings are used for highlighting weapons and of course highlight enemies. Like that you and your team know what is happening. If you are not playing with a friend you know and don’t have a way of comunicating then you will need to get used to using the ping system extensively

Tip 3. Mount your weapons: As it is in the tutorial, something you need to do and get used to is mounting your weapons. Any object nearby to steady your weapon is OK. It reduces the amount of recoil you need to compensate when firing. In this game firing, accurately is the difference between failure and success.

tip 4. Pick up bounties and contracts: Contracts are side objectives you and your team and your team can pick up for extra cash and resources. You might not want them to become a distraction. That is ok but there are some you need to pick up. The scavenger will tell you to pick up 3 crates, even if you don’t pick the tree each of them will have cash and loot, and after picking the three crates and the cash inside them the contract will reward you.

Tip 5. Pick up loadout: If you are not reviving your squad then we recommend buying a loadout whenever you can. Buying a loadout can allow you to have a better customizable armament different from the others.

If you have any tip leave it in the comments below! If you have any idea for any post feel free to send it through e-mail or in the comments!

Here COD warzone!

We are the creator :D!
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