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HI every one today we are going to see the basics of Call of war! Before starting remember to leave a like and feel free to comment and subscribe to our website.


want a basic all-round army they can defend an attack you need some anti-air some anti-tank some tanks itself and just some regular infantry so that’s what you should be building up! Now… RESEARCH LIGHT TANKS AS SOON AS YOU CAN! As they are very important because at some point of the game people will research tanks and to survive and attack you will need to research as well. Also, remember to upgrade your economy and DON’T BUILD AN ARMY YOU CAN’T FEED.

DON’t attack Human players at the beginning

DON’T attack human players at the beginning as they will usually they are experienced players so that’s why we recommend attacking AI at the beginning as they are very weak with just some anti-air and infantry and if you are lucky maybe even a “Milicia”! It is also good to attack AI as they will give you sweet Points! Here down you can see I attacked a country… well that country is an AI and the other one I’m attaching is also an AI

I attacked AI
I attacked TWO AI and now I’m giant (also part of Germany)
After you are powerful enough you can attack human players
After that you can even win the match
In fact i won the match! (Well not me my coaliation but still i reached the 360 victory points)


Morale is very important as they speed up the production (or make it slower) and if morale in a province is low a strike can occur. If you don’t have enough food to feed your people you will start losing morale as they start feeling hunger. Also, try to avoid being at war with more than one country. As being at war with one gives you a morale penalization of -5. Also, there is a moral penalization for being far from the capital. To cancel this specialization there are two options: 1. to build infrastructure (roads) so that people move faster 2. build a capitol which is what I recommend. DON’T use “forcing march” as it will give you a specialization of -5 morale per hour. It will make your troops faster but will penalize you with morale -5. Also if you are in a war with a country and a province is next to It it will receive a -5 penalization of morale. PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL as if you lose it it will penalize the morale of every province by -20.


Here you can see how and why to use artillery

Guys I hope you enjoyed my post! This post was sponsored by miniclip! Here is the link for playing call of war! Hope you win! Bye! (little tip: To move your capital the only thing you need to do is build a capitol in the city you want to move it!)

We are the creator :D!
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