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HI there hope you all guys are cool. Today we are going to bring you 5 tips for n*** zombies but this time is going to be the map Der riese!

Tip one: Don’t stick to your partner, separate as if you stick one partner one part of the map will be alone and zombies will be able to enter.

Tip two: pack a punch as much as you can. Pack a punch as much as you can but remember that pack a punch cost 5000 points.

My tip: Pick a PPSH-41 as faster as you can as the PPSH-41 is one of the fastest guns in Zombies with the one of the highest damage and pack a punched is even better!

Tip three: Pack a punch the colt. Yes, You might think I’m crazy but the colt pack a punch is one of the best weapons, The thing is that the colt pack a punched don’t shoot bullets but explosives! Yes… Explosives. The downside is that it doesn’t have that much ammo but still is a great weapon to use.

Tip four: Buy as many perks as you can. This one is obvios but for those that are new… There you are.

Tip FiIve: Relax… Don’t be stressed and play with someone else as you are 70% More likely to lough when you are with someone.

We are the creator :D!
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