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HI every one hope you are good. Today we are gonna bring an article with tips for survival in n*** zombies World at war.

Tip one: We recommend to use the colt that you have in the beginning as it gives lots of points per shot. If there is an emergency take the M1A1 Karabiner or the Kar 98 k (I recommend the M1A1 Karabiner)

Tip two: Use the knive as knive kills give you more points.

Tip three: Try not to open many doors as extra doors will make that more zombies from more directions will comes to you. If you want to open a door open the door that says “Help” because there is the wonder weapon. (The door that says “help” is in the map “Natch der untoten”)

Tip four: Buy wonder weapons as they are very useful but if you find the Springfield gun don’t take it if you are a beginner in zombies as the spring field have an inferior headshot multiplier, less damage to the body, low fire rate, less accuracy and its iron sight is difficult to use.

Tip five: This tip is if you are playing with someone else. If you are playing with someone divide the zone equally or near to be equal so that its easier to kill zombies. If you are in trouble and need revive don’t let your partner revive you as he is going to leave his zone and more zombies will come in.

Tip six: This is one personal tip, If you are playing with some one else swap sides every round. This is going to make the game a little more interesting.

Tip seven: If you are rebuilding the barrier, Look to the opposite side of the barrier while building to see which zombies are coming to attack you in the back.

Tip eight: If you are going to open the “Help” door open it when you have 1900 points ore more as opening the door cost 1000 points and the wonder weapon box cost 900.

Tip nine: Put the brightnes to the highest point to see better the map. The same for the sound.

Last tip (Tip ten): Enjoy and play casual, like that you are not going to be that stressed, also I recommend to play with a friend and to make fun you can make your meme playing Zombies!

Hope this tips helped if have any other tip or question you can leave them below in the comments! Bye!

We are the creator :D!
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 by Gamer Dimensions in September 21, 2020

Guys we just uploaded a CoD BO cold war post. Hope you enjoy our page!

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