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Hi guys! Today we are going to be talking about Fall guys and some tips we can give you! This post is going to talk about how to win in fall guys! Before starting I’m going to say sorry for not uploading a post in a very long time. The thing is that we are doing SEO optimization and it is VERY tedious and complicated. Also, we are trying to launch a publicity campaign but we need money so we launched a campaign so that people donate us some crypto coins that are later tradeable to money! (to donate click the link in the comments below!) So let’s star!

When you hear the words ‘battle royale’, you probably don’t picture a vibrant map filled with cutesy bumbling blobs. Yet in Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys, that’s exactly what you get: with no soldiers in sight, here, the genre’s penchant for gritty gun-toting has been replaced with colourful, competitive platforming. The objective in Fall Guys is simple – reach the finish line. Inspired by British game shows like Total Wipeout and its bonkers Japanese counterpart, Takeshi’s Castle, this 60 player battle royale tasks you with making it through five rounds of increasingly hectic obstacle courses. With its randomly selected maps offering a mix of free-for-all, cooperative and puzzle-based gameplay, Fall Guys is a consistently surprising, grin-inducing joy. In a time where the world is having a bit of a ‘mare, it’s great to play a carefree, digital palette cleanser. With Fall Guys being offered free to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month and available to buy on Steam now, here’s what you’ll need to know in order to become the baddest little blob in town.

This isn’t your average battle royale


Forget duking it out on one map, if you want to earn the Fall Guys’ equivalent of the Victory Royale – the crown – you’ll have to make it through five blistering stages. Only 45 of the game’s 60 players can make it through the first round and – you guessed it – each subsequent stage eliminates an even larger number of players. This means the number of contestants rapidly starts to dwindle as the ‘Ultimate Knockout’ continues, making the last couple of rounds a surprisingly stressful close-quarters competition. So much for bright colours being calming!The stages here vary greatly too (more on that later), but unlike in other battle royales, you don’t level up or gain new tools or weapons as you progress. Despite their being four wildly different game types on offer in Fall Guys, your abilities stay exactly the same throughout. Armed with just basic movement, a jump, a dive and the ability to grab objects and people, Fall Guys is a deceptively simple-looking game. Yet it’s how you use these tools that will determine whether you wind up falling to your death or wearing that fancy-looking crown.

Take the time to understand the different game modes


As you wobble your way through this goofy gameshow royale, you will find yourself competing on one of Fall Guys’ 25 different maps. Called ‘rounds,’ each randomly selected level falls under one of four different game types: Race, Team, Survival and Final. It’s worth taking the time to understand how each works and their nuances, as they all play very differently. Knowledge is power, squishy friends.Let’s start with the ‘Race’ maps: these larger rounds make up the bulk of the stage selection, serving as each game’s introductory round. These free-for-all levels see you sprinting your way across a daunting-looking playground littered with all kinds of hazards and obstacles. From a level that sees you dodging an avalanche of balls to a stage filled with fake doors, a tactical mind and a good wobble will get you through. Remember: the opening race round starts off with 60 players, but only the first 45 players to finish will progress to round two. Be cunning, be quick, and don’t fall behind!The Team games do exactly what they say on the tin, grouping you up with a cluster of other contestants, splitting you all into three teams, and tasking you to complete a goal. Whether it’s the wonderfully chaotic ‘Egg scramble’ that sees each time stealing eggs from each other and depositing them in their respective goals, the Rocket League-esque ‘Fall Ball’ or navigating the ball-based obstacle course ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’, these team games are all medium-sized maps, meaning that they are triggered after the initial first round race.


The third mode on our list is Survival. This mode tasks players to remain on the stage at all times. If you get knocked off, it’s game over. Whether it’s avoiding the giant rotating beams in ‘Jump Club’, the pattern memory game ‘logic’ where you have to stand on the correct pattern or fall to your doom, or doing your best to be the last one with a tail attached the tail-stealing chaotic shenanigans of ‘tail tag’, survival maps embody a very different (and far more tense) tone to the other game types.Lastly, of course, we have the ‘Final’ stages. These are the stages that net you the Fall Guys equivalent of the Victory Royale – the crown. These rounds house the fewest contestants, and therefore are the smallest and toughest maps in the game. No pressure then! Keep your nerves and don’t just focus on the stage hazards — watch out for opponents trying to sabotage you.

Don’t sleep on the grab button


For most of your time in Fall Guys, you’ll find yourself frantically hammering the jump button while waddling around like your life depends on it. Mainly because it does… Yet, while you’ll spend the vast majority of the time avoiding danger, sometimes in order to succeed, you need to be the danger: make sure to take full advantage of the grab button.Mapped to ‘Shift’ on PC and the right trigger on PS4, you’ll want to get acquainted with this one. While certain games require the grab button – ‘egg scramble’ and ‘team tail tag’ especially – this unsuspecting action can actually give you an edge during other game types, too. On the merciless survival map ‘Jump Club’ for example, you can use your grab to send other opponents hurtling to their death. The secret to using the grab button to sabotage other players is to press the grab button the exact moment that your target is trying to jump.

Sometimes you’ll need to actually work as a team – even on solo rounds

Sometimes you need to work together with your enemies© DEVOLVER DIGITAL

It’s already been mentioned there are team-specific rounds – but sometimes players will need to work together even on solo rounds. The surprisingly tricky ‘See-Saw’ stage is a brilliant example of this. While it’s not a team-based round, if you and your opponents don’t manage to balance out each tipping platform correctly, it’ll mean death for everyone.In rounds like these, players will have to pay attention to each other – carefully progressing and letting other opponents pass from time to time, otherwise, you may not make it across the finish line.

Dive your way to victory


When you’re in a tricky situation, the ‘dive’ button can be the difference between victory and failure. Mapped to ‘Ctrl’ on PC and ‘X’ on PS4, dive can send you hurling across the map. It’s incredibly useful for pushing balls and other objects and can help propel you that final distance over the finish line, to boot. Be warned, though: there’s a cooldown on the ability. If you mess up your dive be prepared to be left laying on the floor for a few seconds.

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