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Regularly happens to you you are playing and find a spot to land (a city) you land don’t find any gun and in 5 seconds, someone eliminates you? Then we have your solution! here are some of the best locations to land:

  1. Weeping woods because there are not too many building so the risk that you lose is lower than in other places
  2. The bridge in weeping woods: because no one knows always inside the bridge is something and in the house near it there is a chest and a boat to move to other places.
  3. The agency: this Is a place where the recommendable is to enter with an assault rifle to reach to the dresser where you can camouflage with the agents so you reach the sweet chests with really cool guns.
  4. The open kino near frenzy farm (Risky risks): This is a good landing spot because not everyone knows about this place and it has an upgrade point and lots of good weapons and chests.
  5. Last but not least the best landing spot: Dirty docks because it has the best loot and not so many players to compete with.

If you have any other place that you think is a good landing spot please leave it ind the comments below.

We are the creator :D!
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