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The best Weapons of Fortnite is strange to find but still not impossible, if you find to or more of this weapons and dont know wich one to choose this is…


7- Rusty can: (No its a joke) in 7 we have the Legendary tactical shutgun with 87 dmg per shot and 195 dmg per head shot.

6- Gold smg: It makes 21 dmg per shot and 252 dps (Damage per second) and it takes 5 shots to make a kill

5- gold rpg: With a130 dmg per shot and 2.5 second to reload makes this one of the best weapons

4-The legendary and purple sniper: Purple do a 110 dmg a shot and the gold 230 dmg with a reload time of 2.5 for purple and 2.3 for gold

3-Purple pump shotgun: With a 200 dmg per head shot you can take someone back to the lobby with one click .

2- Gold pump shotgun: It makes a 110 damage per shot and 220 per headshot

1- Scar a reload time of 2.1 seconds and at a 100 health this weapon will kill you in 3 shots

If you have any other gun you think is good please leave it in the comments

We are the creator :D!
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