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Hi guys today we are going to be doing some Valorant tips! Valorant is a new game that seems to be gaining lots of fame. So We have decided to make a Valorant tips post. Before we start, you know that our timer is working again? if you go down below you can see a timer and there you can see when we are going to write a post.

Tip 1: Use the shift button

As a rule the pinky is used for the shift button. Use the shift button to slow down so that the footsteps are not heard, so like that it’s really hard for the enemy to hear you. Use the shift as much as you can, if you are not in a rush use the left shift so they don’t spot you.

Tip 2: Stand still

so if you used our tip one and are not spotted you can stand still. Why? Because the accuracy of your gun buffs a 33.2% of you gun’s accuracy! So if you are not spotted use this tip.Stand Still! Also use our tip 1 to use tip 2. This will help you avoid losing fights.

Tip 3: Combine abilities

This is a short basic and obvious tip: Master both, Abilities and weapons! it will help you a lot. Believe us.

Tip 4: Remember the name of locations.

Try to remember the locations so that you can quickly chat is in the team chat (This tip only works if you are avoiding voice chat). This will help you lot as you can earn some precious seconds in which you can get eliminated. This is really useful we tested this and it works and said us lots of times in matches and battles.

Tip 5: communicate

This one is an obvious one: communicate. How many times you have read you need to communicate with your team? Well I have heard that a lot, I don’t know about you. So yeah just communicate with your team you need to work together to win it’s easy and can make a difference. Send coordinates and use the ping chat if you don’t have time to use the chat! A strong team that communicates with balanced weapons and abilities should be able to win. Also another tip is that try to not fight with your teammates as this might make your teammate mad or the rest of the team and this might make them to not cooperate, believe us. It happened to me a LOT!

Tip 6: Pay attention to sound

Well this tip is strongly linked with tip 1 as both are about sound but this tip is for sporting others. We recommend to put headphones on but not at the ma volume as we care of your ears we recommend to put the volume whereto think you can hear footsteps so the volume depends on you. Usually people make more sound when running. Sound is really important so if you hear something even if its the minimum sound stay sharp ad don’t let the guard down.

Some more advanced tips!

Tip 7: After Standing still

After you stand still as we told you to do in the tip 2 we recommend that after shooting the first bullet crouch this help for to things: first it helps with controlling the recoil of your gun and second it buffs your accuracy for about 7.66% so it’s just a HUGE why not if it will help you a lot it will really help you a lot Also as the recoil make your gun point higher after every shot shot it would be difficult for the enemy to shot at you when you crouch.

Tip 8: Pick the gun according to your role. if the map is better for long range guns (rifles, snipers etc) then it would not be helpful a Shortt rate gun (pistols, revolvers or/and Smgs)

So hope you enjoyed this post have a great day! Bye!

We are the creator :D!
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