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Hi guys how are you today we have a post where we are going to be discussing: Is call of duty black ops worth it? So this is a new series that we are going to be uploading called “is it worth it?” where we are going to be taking a look at some different games and discussing if it is worth it. Also if you want to participate leave a comment of your opinion and why you think about it, I will be leaving the next game on the series down below and if you have it please let us know your opinion. Before we start a word from our sponsor: Zombie survival. Zombie Survival is a free Roblox game where you need to survive the endless waves of zombies and get the best weapons. We will be uploading a tutorial on how to beat the easter egg. Leave a like in their game and if you want to soppurt them AND gamer dimensions please buy their private server. So now let’s get started. (psssst… to see their game click here )

Good Things


So This game has a cool campaign with lots of turns and twists and one of the cool things is that it’s actually based on real things. Perseus is an actual thing! It’s an old conspiracy during the cold war that stated that there was a spy undercover in the CIA gathering info of the green light nukes in Europe, another version says that an organization called Perseus was going to nuke the USA and ANOTHER version said that there was a protect Perseus that was going to use an undercover spy and hack all USA nukes to bomb America and Europe while they bombed Asia and the rest of the world. But here we are and all that was a conspiracy… or am I wrong? Nah it’s a conspiracy I was playing with you hahaha.

It has a lot’s of cinematics and it’s just so badass. Man, there are stealth missions they brought WOODS back but with another voice actor >:( but whatever you know There is also Mason but guess what… It is another voice actor. The graphics are just AWESOME and it’s like watching an epic movie. It has tension and some good thrills there is Adler and much more characters.

Something I personally like is that you can inspect evidence and when you are walking on the safe house you see the characters talk and do things in the background and there are just tons of some good spice stuff and paranoia of the time. It’s also good that they really leaned on the era that was 1962 and 1980 and the campaign goes over the top as you would expect from a call of duty


Multiplayer, as you would expect, is more of call of duty. The gameplay is really cool the customisation too and the gunsmith is back also the class builder. The gunplay is really cool the guns are really balanced as SMG don’t dominate and you feel that every gun is useful. Some people say that you move a little bit faster than mother warfare that it feels different but I feel it’s ok. Something I did not like is that they took out the weapon mounting system.

Something that did feel a bit different was that opponents have a health bar above their head which is kind of weird considering call of duty never used that but you can get used to it it’s not bad. And I don’t know what you expected. The operators are the same, the loadouts ar the same, the multiplayer perks system are the same and it’s the same but some small touches make that multiplayer really cool. One of them is that a new feature is that you can choose a wild card that will give you the ability of your choice depending on the wildcard you choose


And there is zombies of course. Zombies add all the fun stuff like weapons perks craft system and upgradable perks and weapons but it doesn’t go over the top like WWII that just… exaggerated and just threw a lot of things that we did not like we just wanted a zombie game mode that was traditional but with some small changes and they heard us out and this is what they got.

Man, this cold war zombies is just AMAZING it brings everything that made zombies success and made one single game mode that was really cool. There are some bugs but they will fix it. Also, another feature I liked is that when you are tired already got to a high round and already, you are just chilling there in a corner getting points already got the easter egg you can just expel with a helicopter. Something that is also cool is that it has introduced a rarity system just wanted to mention that.



The campaign is freaking awesome we can’t take that away from the game but you know they could have done a better job taking a little more time and they would have done a better job. They just pleased the shareholders and gave them what they wanted and not what the fans wanted. They could have taken the time to make a game that could possibly beat black ops III but no it is what it is and they just released an incomplete game. And you know we can feel that it’s incomplete its like man you can fell it’s an incomplete game and that it needed some more things and bug fixes.


SOMETHING THAT I TOTALLY HATED WAS THE KILLSTREAKS. Man the killstreaks are impossible to get my best game of 27 kills I just got 4,000 points and you need 10,000 for one of the three last killstreaks. That is not cool man so I would recommend you get the RC car and some cheap things nothing too expensive as you will never use it.

Something I didn’t like either was that there is a lack of content. There were not that many guns and there where just 8 (or 9 I don’t remember) base maps. That is not good, for people that get bored really quickly, this is not good only some 8 maps?! Another Big Issue is that the aim assist is SUPER OP the aim assist really predicts where you are going to move and shoots there and it’s so accurate I did not stand a chance against aim assist players.

Another thing I did not like is that it had a skilled based matchmaking so it meant that it match made you with some people of your skill. This can sound good but it isn’t as it was broken and sometimes match made you with someone with a level way higher or way lower. It also gave you a false feeling of satisfaction and defeat


I don’t really have a problem with zombies I loved zombies but the only think that i did dislike was that there is only one map.

So guys i hope you enjoyed have a great day and bye!

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 by Gamer Dimensions in December 20, 2020

The next “is it worth it?” Is going to be for CoD WWII tell me your opinion on this game :D

 by Gamer Dimensions in December 20, 2020

The next “is it worth it?” Is going to be for CoD WWII tell me your opinion on this game

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