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Hi guys today we are going top be continuing the series of “is it worth it?” Remember to leave your opinions of the game I will be leaving on the comments.

(also there are some bad language so take that in mind)

Ok let’s start.

this game is TOTAL CRAP, I don’t even know where to start so I will straight go to the multiplayer.


As I said before this game is total crap. In the other cod games to enter to a multiplayer match go to a menu press multiplayer bada bim bada bum a loading screen, around ten seconds pass and then you join a match. Here It’s not like that. They decided to copy destiny’s social space and that was just to have an excuse for players to see other players supply drops.

And here to enter multiplayer first you need to: check your xbox life connection then it has to fetch your online profile after that it has to place you in a wait queue then it needs to read your safe device then you get another loading screen and AFTER around 15 vminutes of total waiting is that you can start matchmaking and do things you could do on the main menu. There are some little cool things like 1v1 games and also you can try some killstreaks. But there is no excuse for what they have done. Also, another thing is that the customization is crap. There are about 3 side arms and not there is no point in spending hours customizing your class making it just as you like. Nope, you ain’t gonna get that, who told you that? You thought that because we gave you the best WWII cod game 12 years ago we would give you a better game today with the huge advancements on technology?

Well nope, that ain’t gonna happen. We are In the stage where CoD just makes manufactured expensive garbage that costs around 44.99$. So if you thought you will get a better game than the CoD world at war today you are crazy man and they fooled you as they fooled me.

Ok, ok let’s continue but if you want me to be honest I will confess every time I say the word CoD WWII I feel that sick that I need to dive back to the old times in CoD World at war. Ok, that was a lot of hate for the multiplayer so let’s continue with the campaign.

man something is happening with my wordpress and now it’s acting like crap. (and just saying that Sorry for saying crap that much is that I like the sound of the word)


The menu looks simple generic and uninspired. Every load screen is just the WWII logo that just makes you want to destroy your PC And may I just add a little small thing? ah yes that in multiplayer there are only THREE LANE MAPS ok now let’s continue with the campaign. Being honest to you I think that the best part of CoD WWII was the campaign as it was the part where i had the most enjoyment. The intro barely states that 65 million people died. It also tries to mimic the intro’s from older call of duty games but the thing is that they only did it once so it means that they did not show another intro like that and did not care about the intro. The intro? which intro? Ah who cares let’s continue manufacturing garbage.

Let’s do something. We will go back to world at war. Right from the start the player know that this is serious. You start hearing that creepy opera WWII styled opera song. The music at the menu already tells you that this game is dark and creepy.

It settle a feeling of terror in you and makes you understand this is not a thing to laugh at. It makes you feel like if you where in the shoes of the people in 1945. The feeling that there is no future, the felling of darkness. In CoD WWII you don’t get that you just get a unimpresive generic menu. I don’t like the campaign and i know that I said it was the best part but it did not meant i liked it.

It has a brothers in arms style which I don’t like and not that feeling of loneliness that makes you feel that makes you question if your death will make a diference. There is not that much focus on the horrors of war until the end. They did not made you feel like a man that came back as a different person to his house. Look don’t think im racist or feminist but if you are making a WWII game WHAT THE HELL DOES A WOMAN AND A BLACK MAN PLAYING PEW PEW GUN WAR SOLDIER? When you make a WWII game you need to have the

To show the horrors or am I wrong? Let’s take a look at world at war. When one of your boys get hung in the air and half of its upper body gets blown you say: well… that’s fucked up. when your other buddy get’s Bonzai charged you say: well… that’s also fucked up. But call of duty WWII was to afraid to show that so they just played safe.

Now let’s go with zombies.


You know what. Guys zombies has just lost it’s charm. It have lost it’s sound efects and it has even more costumization than the multiplayer. Its crap. Guys im suffering making this I just hate this game so please leave a like share and subscribe to our website to help us.

Thanks and have a great day my name is Alexander and im the owner and director of gamer dimensions who makes all this posible. Thanks everybody and bye.

We are the creator :D!
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