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When you are playing star wars usually you meet SUPER powerful enemies. In this post, you’ll learn how to defeat them. Before starting I would like to give a mention to which is a free online website where you can find tons of really good games! All the games in the arcade are taken (with permission of Miniclip) our website! you can see those games in the arcade! (Click here to go to the arcade also I Wanted to say that this post is NOT sponsored by Miniclip.) These enemies are difficult to defeat so sit down and get comfortable because today we are going to see: Jedi master: tough enemies (PS4)

1- Wyyyscokk:

The Wyyyscokk is a dangerous enemy because of his durability and aggressivity. If you want to kill a Wyyyscokk you will need to surprise him while he is distracted and attack him in the back. if you are alone with him you can freeze him with the force to then use the “Leaping slash” (See Jedi knight: learning attack combinations (PS4) to see the “Leaping Slash”) Note: this enemy is difficult to get rid of.

Wyyyscokk trying to harm Kal kestis from star wars

2- Haxion Brood Bounty droid:

This is a heavy Star wars droid that even the toughest defence will suffer critical damage. Yes, this droid is an annoying enemy believe me even the most patient person in the world will get frustrated with this droid. the only. way to kill him is to wait until he finishes shooting his blaster and attack in the exact moment. Note: this enemy is really difficult to get rid of. watch this video if you have doubts.

3- Jotaz:

This a very slow animal so you will have opportunities of dealing damage to him at some point the recommendable way of fighting against him is using the attack “Leaping slash” (See “Leaping slash” in Jedi Knight: Learning attack combinations (PS4) ) use quick strikes to confuse the beast. Good luck!Note: this enemy is really difficult to get rid of.

Rabit Jotaz created by star wars jedi fallen order

4- Lesser Nydak:

Uphold a strong defence against his aggressive attacks be aware he can move quickly from point to point he also is dangerous in closed spaces. If you parry him many times he may fall and at that moment you can use the “Dash strike” or “Overhead slash” (See Jedi Knight: Learning attack combinations (PS4) to see the “Dash strike attack”). Note: this enemy is really difficult to get rid of.

Star wars' lesser nydak
Star wars

5- Oggbo Bogdo:

Sever the tongue to deal real damage to the creature, Highly aggressive, tremendous speed, powerful stamina and lightsaber resistant make this creature a very dangerous enemy. The trick is to wait until his tongue is out to pull it with the force using “LT” + “X” the rest is to use powerful combos of attacks and survive (See those “Comos” in Jedi Knight: Learning attack combinations (PS4) ). Note: this enemy is really difficult to get rid of.

Star wars' oggbo bogdo

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