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He there everyone! Sorry for uploading this post late. The thing is that I was celebrating my birth day. Today we gonna see 7 video games tips.

1. Keep focus and become a better gamer

If you’re extremely dedicated to a video game, you will become good at it eventually. Time is an essential part of becoming good at something. It’s just a matter of fact. If you have a specific role in a game, try to focus on that as much as possible, instead of playing casually anything. The key is to become the best Mid-player, best AWP’er or alike. Focus on what you want to become good at, and want to achieve.

2. Practice with- and against good people

This comes naturally along with keeping focus. You can’t just practice against noobs every day and expect to become better. You are just as good as the environment you’re playing against. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, if you always play against people who have a slower reaction time than yourself, you will never push your muscle-memory to become faster.

3. Take time off of your game

Sometimes taking a break is an essential part of becoming better. Astralis for instance, didn’t attend tournaments up to one of the ESL major events. They did this to keep focus on the big price, and not to kill their luck. If you take some time off of your game, you might see different aspects and new strategies when you come back.

4. Learn all roles in the game – but not in depth

Even though you need to keep focus on your main objective, sometimes it’s great to try become a better gamer by learning different roles of the game your playing. If you want to become the best League of Legends player, you might want to try jungleing if you’re not often doing it – just to learn it – not to master it. If you’re an AWP’er you might wanna try out being a support player. By doing this you learn the strength and weaknesses of these roles, thus you can better counter them with your gameplay.

5. watch tutorials

This is a great way to improve – learn from the best, and apply what you see. It’s very basic, and there’s no need for further explenation.

6. Keep a good health and become a better gamer

If you’re exercising you’ll be able to react faster, play better and be more focused. As seen in many documentaries and studies professional esports atheletes often work out and eat healthy. Esports is just like any other sport in that regard.

7. Keep your hands warm while playing, and have the right gear

I sometimes meet people who don’t care about what gear they are playing with. But more often than not these players are not playing extremely well. I’m not saying that buying the right gear will make you a better player instantly, but being thrown down by low FPS and a stuttery mouse, a slow keyboard or what have we, will eventually disable you from becoming better. Along with this, it’s extremely important to keep your hands warm while playing esports. Why? Because warm hands react faster than cold hands. In our own test we reacted at 198ms with warm hands and 210ms with cold hands. It’s a simple fact. Read more about it here.

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