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Hi guys how are you doing? Hope you are doing great because we do as we FINALLY FINISHED THE SEO!!! Yeah, you heard right we are finally back in business. Today we are going to be seeing the new game that gained popularity these months: Warface! Grab some snacks and let’s see some tips!

Repair Costs As a Newbie:
For repair costs just use the default weapons until you can save up enough to buy Perm gun for Engineer or Assault then the Perm Warlord gear. Stick it out without renting and you will have much fewer issues in only a few days of play!

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Best Mode To Grind Game Currency:
I recommend either “Demolition” or “Plant the Bomb” modes. They are essentially different versions of the classic “Search & Destroy”. They do the least wear and tear onto your gear from what I’ve noticed and means a lot less repair for rewards gained from the match. The limited spawns may be a little rough if your not the most experienced player but even running around and healing armour/health on teammates can give you enough points to make a reasonable profit of each match. Plus everyone will appreciate you a lot too.

Warface on Steam

Assault – Has solid weapons at all ranges. Can replenish ammo to self or teammates. Great for grabbing someone’s better gun and refilling it to help you keep up when you don’t have the best kit! (Note you don’t have to pay the repair this way either !)

Warface' Devs Split from Crytek, Form Blackwood Games - Variety

Medic – Shotguns are a little niche and depend on a specific semi-campy play style. If you’re a mobile player they may be much harder to use on specific areas of specific maps. Medics can heal themselves and others as well as revive teammates. Note: The shock paddles with the increased revive speed are amazing for getting yourself a great number of points and can pay off their daily rental in as little as 2-3 matches allowing you to turn a good profit from reviving teammates regularly with them each 24-hour period!

Engineer – Can defuse/plant the bomb in 5 seconds instead of the normal 8. Has SMGs. NON-Cash shop SMGs are mostly only good at close range though there are a few exceptions. I highly recommend not using a silencer on these. Just wait until you unlock the “Penetration Increase” muzzle for them instead as it doesn’t reduce damage and actually allows you to shoot through light cover and even 2-3 people at once if they are in a pile. The claymores while really great for kills seem to jack up the repair cost each game based on the number of times you drop them. So drop them wisely and sparingly while your new to the game and don’t have a big stockpile of game-creds.

Sniper – This sort of speaks for itself. It may be worth noting snipers in this game have a different scope in times per sniper and that only varies even more based on the type of scope you currently have equipped. Example: a BT5000 may have a 0.95 scope in time while an X308 may have a 0.75 scope in time with the same 5.0x scope equipped. So research and experiment if you’re a quick scoper like I am before you invest. Also, you have to stay IN-SCOPE slightly longer in this game to make your bullets go straight than in most FPS out there. While this makes it more difficult to quick scope it also makes it MUCH more rewarding to do well at it so be patient and take the time to learn and enjoy!


So if you’re like me you despise everything cash-shop gambling box related. Unless it’s gifted from a friend or fan… Erm, Anyway – FEAR NOT ! fellow poor broke player as there is a very healthy and nice selection of In-Game Cred gamble boxes you can buy with weapons very close to their cash-shop “Kredit” counterparts. If you have the skill then there is very little difference between the two in most categories except for SMGs. So once your setup on your Perm weapon and Perm warlord gear start to open these bad boys and try to get yourself something nice! The AK is extremely nice for example having a 1 shot headshot capability putting it on par with the damage of all of the “Kredit” box Assault Rifles.

Bonus? WTH is a bonus? So you get a BONUS for your first WIN of the day in each game type with the “Bonus” text next to it. It’s usually a good idea to play through each “Bonus” until you get it each day as it gives you a chance at more In-Game-Credits and expands what not to make your climb to Perm-Warlord easier. Also, don’t forget to use those daily tokens on the Daily PvE missions with friends/clanmates !!!

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