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Hi there! Today we are going to see 5 tips for World at tanks! This post was really to do so please leave a like and share a comment dow in the commentary section!

1. Hide near a bush: If you don’t want to be spotted Just go inside a bush so that the enemy can’t spot you!DO the tutorial: TO refresh the memory there is nothing better do the WOT tutorial again! Or if you are new you don’t need to watch Youtube™ videos

2. Use light tanks for scouting: If you think light tanks are bad that is not true! The thing with light tanks is that they are for scouting! (Socouting: To hide and spot other enemies but not attack them) Or if you prefer it it can also be used as support with a team mate but not alone.

3. Communicate: To make a good strategy you should communicate with your team mates so remember to keep communication is high.

4.Stick to your teammates: To win you need to stay stick to your teammates! So that is easier to kill enemies.

5. Use ,edium tanks: You can use medium tanks for anithing couse they are fast and with a decent weapon! You can use them for : scouting, Support, As snipers and as assoult tank!

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any tip please leave it in the comments! Bye!!!

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