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Hi everyone today we are going to talk about a new game on the website and this is World of tanks! We are going to see tips and tricks to be better at the game and also how to play it and understand it.

  1. The controls here are the controls for PS4 and Xbox one.

2. Tank types: Light tank: The light tank has light ammo is the fastest tanks and smallest. They don’t have a powerful gun but are usually used as scouts or support. Medium tanks: They are in the middle of light and heavy tans and are used for many tasks. They are fast and have average ammo and an average gun. Heavy tank: The heavy tans are insane. They have a very powerful gun almost impenetrable ammo. But its downside is that it goes extremely slow. Tank destroyers: The tank destroyer is like snipers. They have minimum health but a very powerful gun. Artillery tanks: The artillery tanks are used for support and are designed to attack from very far. It has a very powerful gun but not very much health.

3. Work as a team: If you want to win the game in an easier way I recommend to stay in groups of four.

4. Think of what you are going to do next: Is crucial to have a strategy to win the game. You also need to know you only have one life. So think what you are going to do next such as hide or attack.

5. Communicate with your teammates: You need to communicate with your teammates to know what to do next.

We are the creator :D!
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